No one grows faster in this process than those who can sit in Private Session with me and clarify what it means to have full control of their brain chemistry, but it can be a financial leap for some to move from Free Group Sessions to Private Sessions. What we do is very different from most of the other methods available in the world and for those of us who commit to it, we still need support in the process.

Understanding the details of this work can be fundamental to its success. There are a lot of questions that need answering. So, I want to make myself and those who are successfully working the program as available as possible to you.

$5 Group Sessions are a Private Session you share. This next level of support has been created to help us stay clear, bring healthy ideas to the table and to believe in us on the days when we might not believe in ourselves. We’re here to provide information and to support the body in mending itself.

The sessions are come-and-go, so don’t worry about long-term schedules. Just decide if you need us today. If the $5 Groups Sessions aren’t your thing you can try one of my books or move on to the Suggested Contribution Group for a deeper level of work.

Check out what’s available here.

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