Brain Hack 9 – What causes triggers anyway?

by Linda Forrest

What causes triggers anyway? Put simply, sensory information – sight, sound, taste, touch, and smell – combines with memories to create chemical reactions in our brain. To have a full understanding of this concept, we cannot think of memories as videos from our past. While they can seem like videos when we access them, memories are actually individually stored data of all our experiences. The videos we imagine to be memory are instances of combined data presented in a way we can comprehend.

Linda Forrest

At 23, Linda Forrest refused the definition of incurable when she was diagnosed and medicated for severe PTSD and addiction. On that day, she began a study that would eventually result in her discovery of a cure.

Through over 30 years of diverse research combining the sciences of psychology, pharmacology, neurology, and spontaneous healing, she assembled a puzzle that cured her condition. She now mentors others and has helped thousands discover what it means to live a life free of suffering.

As an author, speaker, muse, and mentor, she continues to explore what it means to be human by asking what becomes possible when we finally evolve beyond primal brain functions to eliminate fight-or-flight triggers.

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