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What’s in a name? Autumn Seasonal Article

This is the time of year where we get to see our true colors, the beauty of who we are beyond all our rules. We also realize the fruits of the effort over the last year. It is a time of breakthroughs to acknowledge all of the work we’ve put in throughout the year. It is also a time to celebrate and be grateful for all we have.

What’s in a name? Autumn Seasonal Article2020-11-20T16:12:17-07:00


I moved throughout my morning in the empty haze of my routine with the question pressed hard against my previously purposeful actions. I dressed and brushed my teeth, asking, "Why do I do it?" There was a point in my life when I woke thinking everything was so damn important. My shoulders were heavy with the things that mattered weighing heavy on the twenty-four hours in front of me.


Summer and its wisdom to know the difference.

We often think of winter as the month where we feel most starved, but I can't imagine a more difficult time than waiting for the harvest. As we enter winter, we have a bounty of food to sustain us. That's why we celebrate with gifts to welcome the winter season. The fall is when we build our stores, so summer is when we find our coffers empty. We must earn the sustenance we get this season. We must work for every morsel, and it must be enough to feed the hard work this season demands of us.

Summer and its wisdom to know the difference.2020-06-21T15:04:30-06:00

It was in front of me all along.

I've said, #AllLivesMatter," because I didn't understand. #BlackLivesMatter. They more than matter. They are valuable, beautiful, and they bless us with their existence. We should treat them like we know this. I also believe, #BlueLivesMatter because not all police offices are murderers. They are those who have committed themselves to make a difference. Picking a side is not the goal of any movement. These hashtagged statements come to the forefront of our lives to educate us. They are here to help us see an injustice so we can make life better for everyone, not fight for our opinion.

It was in front of me all along.2020-06-08T10:52:52-06:00

Relationship Balancing

Life is relationships. From the moment of our conception, until our very last breath, we are in relationships. Even those who bury themselves deep in wooded recesses experience relationships. We avoid it. We crave it. We define everything we are by it. So, when our relationships are out of balance, the experience of living can become very painful. 

Relationship Balancing2020-06-11T12:05:09-06:00

Covid-19 – Are we carrying a loaded gun?

I've been so upset to see the people who aren't taking this seriously. For those of us who are healthy, it is not our own health we risk. It is the health of others. I thought I was being careful. I thought, because I didn't have symptoms, I didn't have Covid-19. I thought I was doing what I could. I wasn't, but I am now.

Covid-19 – Are we carrying a loaded gun?2020-05-26T14:32:42-06:00

What does it mean to begin again?

Our whole country is reinventing itself. There aren't many people who see a clear path before them. They don't know where they'll go, and I sit here with the same opportunity. In the past, I felt there was no place for me like I didn't fit in. Today, I know what I offer, and still, I look for an open door, a way to penetrate a market that seems readily available to so many.

What does it mean to begin again?2020-04-16T09:15:36-06:00


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