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Celebrating the Gifts of Spring

by Linda Forrest

Whispering comes the promise of new life everywhere. The early bloom of flowers, the buds on trees, all promise us the coming of a warmer season. But spring is not the complete revealing of our full potential. It marks only a moment of breaking free of the soil, of—after a long, dark winter’s night—the coming into light again. 

Don’t expect to know the full potential of your harvest. Give yourself to becoming what you don’t yet understand. Allow yourself to be in a place of discovery. Allow yourself to rest easy in what you might become. 

I’ve spent my whole life pushing out, not in the best way, but in the way I naturally moved. I called myself an empath, which seemed to be about absorbing energy, but it’s not. Life always pushes outward. Plants grow from the inside out. Wounds heal and life regenerates always from the center. Every day we drop skin cells and every day new cells are being driven from within, only to eventually be dropped again.

So, I would wonder, why does it seem as though I absorb energy from around me? Why do I get depressed around depressed people, angry around angry people and happy around happy people? Why do I seem to reflect the thoughts and emotions of others? Why do I seem to be everyone but me, the me I feel deep within?

I understand now why this is. 

We are all interconnected. We all have the same ideas and options available to us. We can think what everyone else is thinking, but the truth is; we also take those thoughts we experience and we make them come to life. I was accepting the ideas around me, not the feeling. I was generating the feeling. Life always pushes from the inside out. This is the way of creation. This is how we are creators. 

I once wanted to believe; if I just tried hard enough, I could affect the behavior of those around me and I saw moments where it seemed it might be so. If it was, I now understand it is only because they decided to accept the thought I was presenting over an infinite number of options. Some thoughts are closer to us than others, of course, but ultimately we participate in more ways than we realize.

So, what does this realization have to do with today, what does it have to do with spring? Well, today, I understand; we can’t stop pushing out. It is not our choice or our will. It is our nature. Each thought, each feeling, each and every moment of the day, we are expressing.

I was pushing out from the inside and my inside was full of fear. My inside was full of pain and bad belief. I was pushing out the worst in people and this is what I saw. I tried to see the best, but I believed the worst. It is done unto us not how we wish it to be done or hope it to be done or even want it to be done. It’s not done unto us how we pray or affirm or visualize it being done. It’s done unto us as we believe it will be done.  Period. It’s not about the thoughts we think, but about those, we wholeheartedly believe. 

Today, I will spend every second I can knowing the best of the world around me and I am convinced, through this, I will experience the best.

Winter is past now. We’ve spent our time going deep. We made it through the winter season, or the dark night of the soul or maybe the contemplation of our essence. Now it is time to express the nature of that essence to the world.

But it won’t be perfect. Don’t expect your essence to be perfect. This time of year is not about perfection. It is about curiosity and experimentation. It is about the question, who might I become? This is not a season of demanding anything of ourselves or of nature. This is a season to build faith, when faith is restored. It is the time where we see food will grow again, we will be warm and nurtured again. We’ve made it through the winter, we will be abundant again.

But it requires patience and commitment, patience to wait for plants to reveal themselves and grow, for our well to fill. It is not a time to look for anything more than we have at this moment. We must wait for inspiration.

And then be committed to follow it.

We become the body of thought we hold. As our faith grows this energetic body of who we are expands and overcomes the limitations which are not true. Be it fed by an opulent being or by our interconnectedness or by the genius of DNA, our greatest source is within us. Nothing outside of us organizes our life. When we set intention, our genius accesses unlimited resources to calculate a solution even if we don’t believe that solution is possible. This is the story of the resurrection, of coming to infinite life. It is not about worship. It is about inspiration.

When we were children, steeped in primal survival, we gathered our inspiration from the world around us. We can no longer depend on the world to feed us. We are mature now. It is our turn to feed the world. Now, more than ever it needs us to create something new. Now our inspiration must come from within.

We must inspire ourselves. We must be inspired by ourselves, by what we have the ability to bring into the world by our expression of who we are.

This inspiration is what creates life in us. It begins at the core, at the very center of our beings. The ripple of who we are is continually happening. We cannot turn it off and then on when we feel our best. We are always expressing our innermost self. We are a continual form of creation.

Create well. Create honorably Create a signal so strong and so true, you organically break free of it, pouring yourself and all your brilliance into the world around you. That is the blessing of spring.

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I wish you tremendous success on your journey.

Linda Forrest

At 23, Linda Forrest refused the definition of incurable when she was diagnosed and medicated for severe PTSD and addiction. On that day, she began a study that would eventually result in her discovery of a cure.

Through over 30 years of diverse research combining the sciences of psychology, pharmacology, neurology, and spontaneous healing, she assembled a puzzle that cured her condition. She now mentors others and has helped thousands discover what it means to live a life free of suffering.

As an author, speaker, muse, and mentor, she continues to explore what it means to be human by asking what becomes possible when we finally evolve beyond primal brain functions to eliminate fight-or-flight triggers.

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