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Writer’s Block is Real

but that doesn’t make it necessary.

Writer’s Block is a real issue for many people, but it’s something we can eliminate entirely when we know what causes it.

We can say, “just write through it” and get advice from people on what works for them, but this can be a laborious task. Understanding the brain functions that cause writer’s block and how to change them makes an easy task of not only finding your own way through the blocks but creating an opportunity to never experience being blocked again.

In this four-hour workshop, I will
– Review the brain functions that cause writer’s block
– Simple tools that stimulate brain function to organically relieve the block
– Additional tools to improve creative functions, to prevent blocks in the future
– Along with additional tools to make outlining, prompt creation and finally finishing that big project easy.

I look forward to connecting with you. In the meantime, write well my friends. Write well and write often.

This workshop will be presented live on YouTube. I will share the URL with attendees on the morning of the workshop. Future Zoom events will be made available as I extend writing group options.