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127_Chapter Five – September 5, 2008

September 5, 2008

“The sound you hear is not what you think it is.” The voice is confident and familiar. “We all have a path to follow. Much of it is predetermined by your family of origin, and some by roles you’ve created through evolution. You are experiencing both, but to find freedom, you must first know the truth.

“You have realized the importance of the Morning Star and how it connects to who you are. You know it is when the veil between the established and the infinite is at its thinnest. Connecting with possibilities beyond your reality is most available at this time. You know that, and you’ve realized that the time of your birth has made you a visionary by nature. You were born with the Morning Star. You took your first breath as it broke the horizon. You and it are promises of a new day.

“You know this, and now you have learned that the Morning Star opens the door to not just Heaven, but to Hell as well, but you don’t fully understand what this means. You search for your gift in what found its way through the veil, but you misunderstand the vulnerability of allowing even that gift into your circle. You think the thing that tracked you back to your people is the same as the beetle you first heard in your circle and now even sometimes see.”

Since my vision question, I have continued to hear the buzzing I heard in my circle that night. After, we often get a glimpse of a large beetle flying through the room. Both my daughter and I have tried to follow the beetle, but it vanishes as quickly as it appeared.

“There are two sides to all things, what you might call a positive and a negative charge. Though you did not see the Morning Star rising that day, you did experience the vision. You were open, and you now face both sides of what came through with it. You face the Scarab you heard, the symbol of eternal life and your deep desire to understand immortality. The beetle came to teach you, but it did not come alone. You also face it’s polarity, death. You must conquer one before you can understand the other.”


After much prayer and guidance, we have returned to Mercur. IEO and Two-Feathers, my vision question sponsor, work together to contain the beast. I feel relieved knowing the ‘thing’ that prompted Two Feather’s sudden termination of my vision quest is no longer loose. Anyone visiting Mercur will be safe from any monster I might have summoned. I feel peace knowing I have done that, at least.

I have exhausted myself. It has been a long and arduous journey. However, I am still left here, wondering why. While I might have returned this creature to its rightful place, it doesn’t reconcile why it came to me in the first place. Why did it come, and what did it want of me? I think these questions must be essential things to consider in the realization of my safety. To what am I still vulnerable or on the other side of the coin, is the gift still available to me? Will it be like my first year Vision Quest? Did I leave my circle too soon?

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