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128_Chapter Five – Definitions of a Ghost

September 12, 2008

I wonder how many times in my life, I will feel I’ve finally found my path. I guess this is why we call it a journey, and today I know the next direction I will travel.

I’ve been thinking for some time of writing a book, not a typical book. I don’t feel like I could ever finish a real book. There just seem to be so many pages, and the idea of creating a new concept for each is a bit overwhelming, but I believe I have the most Intriguing theory I would like to test.

It seems to me, every time I step into the realm of paranormal investigation, I find a predictable and nearly indisputable type of evidence. While I continue to seek a more mainstream explanation, I still can’t seem to find anything which convincingly explains the existence of Electronic Voice Phenomena. It occurs a lot for me, and I wonder if someone isn’t trying to tell me something. As I mentioned before, I think I have this cool idea for a book that revolves around EVPs.

It’s called Definitions of a Ghost. I think it’s pretty cool, and Chapter One will be what it says it is. I will get the definitions of anyone I can find; friends, family, strangers, experts, the curious, children, the dog; whoever I can find to give me their opinion on paranormal phenomena.

The second chapter will be my current definition or maybe the past, present, and future of my process.

The third chapter will then be voices we hear in empty houses. I will ask them to tell me who they are, what it is like on the other side, what happens to us when we die, not nearly die, but when we die. I want to know who owns the voices I hear on recording devices, and I want to know what they have to say about the other side of the veil.

I get all excited and goose-pimply just thinking about the possibilities. I see myself sitting through investigation after investigation, waiting for the voices from the past and the present and maybe even the future come out to speak their truth. No more speculation; I want to listen and hear the opinion of someone who knows.

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