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130_Analysis Notes – 11/1/2020

If you’ve never thought of universal intelligence—to use an intentionally generic term—as a supportive being or any guiding force as real, allowing yourself to do so can seem intimidating. For those who don’t have faith in a ‘higher power’ or even those who don’t know how to access that power for guidance, it can seem an impossible task. I’m not here to convince anyone of anything. What I would like to do is to present the clinical explanation of what is happening. This is just a description of what occurs on a physical level, whether you believe it to be strictly scientific or a spiritual function. 

As I’ve mentioned before, there are the conscious, subconscious, and unconscious systems of the brain. We can think of the unconscious mind as running the body’s systems like beating the heart, digesting food, and causing sleep. The conscious mind is what we experience in day-to-day life. It is our awareness, or what we know we have experienced. The subconscious mind is what you might consider as stored data. It is all the information you have but might not be aware of at this moment. For example, you probably know what an apple is, but you may not have been consciously thinking of an apple before you read it. Now, you might have many things connected to apple that have come to your conscious mind, like red or green, or the word fruit, or maybe the sensation of sweet and sour. 

You have probably been exposed to apples throughout your life, and you have learned from those experiences. For some of you, you may not like apples, or maybe you’re allergic. If so, you may have an adverse response as I bring the thought of apples to your consciousness. Others, who love apples, might be savoring the taste. Each of us is different, but the point I want to make here is not our individuality. I want to make the point that you probably weren’t thinking of apples before being prompted to do so. The subconscious mind always acts first, making suggestions to the conscious mind. We sometimes use our consciousness to change our opinions. You might have been a person who had one idea of apples, and somewhere along the path of your life, your perspective might have changed. This is the result of a new conscious experience. We are working with the same old suggestion the brain has been offering for years for those things where we’ve never changed our mind.

So, how does this relate to our subject? Again, the super-computer of our subconscious mind is always sending us suggestions. However, now it is suggesting options beyond our experience. Similar to the imagination, it is saying, “What’s possible?” Whether you think the function is scientific or spiritual doesn’t change the fact that suggestions are coming from the subconscious mind designed to break us out of old patterns and into new and brilliant opportunities.

A simple way to differentiate information that limits us from information that expands us is to connect that information to identity. Again, this is a common practice. Many people refer to an inner critic, inner child, or internal dialogue. You might also think of it as the creative mind used by artists or inventors. There are also standard spiritual practices, such as meditation or prayer, where we use higher reason. Simply put, we all have it. What I want to do is offer you an opportunity to develop it. 

In Analysis Notes for 11/2/2020, I’m going to break from my contemplations and allow you to improve yours, the same way our subject has improved hers.

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