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131_Analysis Notes – 11/2/2020

If you had an ‘eternal parent,’ who would it be? Whether it is an evolved version of yourself, an ancestor, guardian angel, power animal, guide, or famous figure from history, who would be there to support your evolution? It may be one, or it may be many, but take a moment and imagine yourself in a room full of life longing to nurture your life. 

If it is difficult to imagine or you feel like you’re holding back from experience at all, write about it. Use your journal and express why it might be difficult. The wonderful thing about new life is, it can change. What was once arduous can become effortless, so allow yourself to open. Express the difficulty, and then write about the opportunity as well. Anything is possible if you are willing to believe, even just a little bit. 

If you feel you can’t do it, pause for a moment, imagine you see someone standing on the horizon. Again, it can be any type of being; human, animal, or anything else. Now close your eyes and imagine the being walking toward you. As you do, imagine you feel safer with each step they take. As they close the gap between you and that horizon, feel the comfort and love they have for you. 

Now is the time to trust an aspect either deep within us or inherently surrounding us that sees the larger picture. You are not in this alone. You have support and guidance always available for inspiration. Who is there for you? Who came to represent support for you today? How will you access this support?

This connection is an opportunity to create a recognizable image through which your subconscious mind can communicate possibilities to your conscious mind, to expand your current perspective of your reality. Life is so much easier from an expanded point of view.

Once you’ve established who is supporting you, I would like you to ask that being a question. The next exercise is a great journaling practice, so be sure you have a few minutes alone to complete it. When you are ready, ask your guide, “How do you see me? Who do you think I am?”

The response will not be written by you. It will be your hand, your eye, and your mind that sees, but I would like you to record the story as told to you by your guide. Don’t try to imagine what they would say. Listen to what they say. If it is difficult to hear at first, write the question out and then write one word at a time as they respond. Like a scribe, write what they think of you, not what you think of yourself.

Imagine a parent sitting with their child and telling them a bedtime story. Imagine this parent expressing a beautiful metaphor of a hero or heroine or a life they’ve never imagined to the child. Be willing to ask and to listen without fear or judgment. When you are ready, ask, “How do you see me? Who do you think I am?” 

Now, allow words to flow. Write everything you hear, even if it is rambling at first. I recommend writing for at least twenty minutes. You need time for the information you need to come through. Though it took me some years before to master the art of ‘hearing,’ it has become an exceptional tool to use for life decisions. Practically speaking, our subject would not have progressed as far as she has without this support. I like to equate ‘living guided’ to living in the current of a river. We can swim either with or against the current, but we travel further than we could have ever imagined when we let go and allow it to carry us.

As the week progresses, take the time to recognize the different perspectives of your current thinking. Compare your choices to those of your guardians. Come to know each other. Spend as much time writing as you like. As you continue in the days and months ahead, I offer you the opportunity to continue communicating with your guide. As you experience challenging decisions in life, turn to this being for guidance. Ask, “What is available in this situation that I am not seeing?”

It is beneficial to ask for what you might not be seeing before you delve into what you are seeing. This is an opportunity to expand your view and may solve more than you would have ever considered. Also, we don’t always know the best thing for us. Our focus may be on financial well-being when there is a physical issue developing. Though we might not be aware of the physical issue yet, early information might be vital in preventing it. If you establish this habit of asking for messages first, your guardians will come ready to respond, helping you avoid problems, the way a parent helps a child avoid a hot stove. We don’t necessarily want to experience every pain to learn from it.

Don’t judge the answers or worry about their origin. They will come perfectly at the perfect time and in the perfect way. Some people might hear their answers like words spoken in their ear. Some receive them like ‘thoughts in their head which are not their own.’ Some people get pictures or songs or any other number of artful expressions. However it comes, it is perfect.

In this next exercise, we are going to learn how to process and request new knowledge. As a child in school, this is where we grow beyond the limits of our previous environment. Small decisions are a perfect way to practice, so when big decisions arise, you are already comfortable, and communication is easy.

Also, you don’t need to have a problem to experience support. Any time you would like to connect and feel loved, this resource is available. You have an unlimited number of resources. There are as many guides as you are willing to use. However, this is a situation where quality is better than quantity. Quick responses are your goal, so it helps to establish a strong connection.

I often refer back to messages that are weeks, months, or even years old to get a bigger picture of my journey. This practice has been critical in keeping a clear perspective on my life. Think of it as having conscious access to your subconscious mind. Like a hypnotist or a psychic, or even a good therapist, some know how to access that deeper part of ourselves we seldom hear. Many believe we need this professional help, and if you do, I fully support that decision. Still, I also feel there is something within each of us that has a larger perspective, and for me, this exercise is an easy, comfortable way to access it.

While the truth of the situation may be obvious, we want to take the opportunity to learn from a new source. Our current instincts come from the thought bubble we call our truth. What we want to experience is what we have not yet learned. Delve into anything that causes you concern or use it to get general information. Some of the most comforting conversations I’ve ever had are those I have with my guides. This is the opportunity for a new life. Above all, even if it seems impossible at first, take your time. Trust yourself and trust the process. You’ll get there.

There will be opportunities later in the book to vision and experience sensation, but creating a dialogue with a guide has the unique ability to walk us from our current mental equivalent to an entirely new perspective in just a matter of moments. Our process is not about getting impress about future events. This exercise is about getting information to help us right here, right now. Remember, we are like small children. We need quick and easy ways to access information. This dialog exercise is a simple practice to establish clear communication.

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