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147_Anaylis Notes – 11/18/2020

As I mentioned earlier, we all strive, we all have an inherent drive to be important, to have impact. Some find this in the work they do. Some find it in the offspring they produce. Some even find it in the story of having no purpose at all. But we all cleave to our individual identity and the significance of it. 

The issue is, sometimes we find importance in our lack of importance and we’ll defend our position vehemently.It is our definition of self that must always be our primary concern. It is our blessing and our curse. We are all on one path. However, the way we experience that path is dependent on our level of self-creation. The more we identify with success, the happier we are. The more we identify with failure, the more we suffer.

Our subject has lived her life feeling powerless. She was insignificant in her family dynamic, a pawn to be used. Now, with the introduction of paranormal research into her life, she has found her power. She is the strong one, the valuable one and most important, she has found a way to make a difference.

Our subject was a follower, waiting for someone else to save her from her suffering, until she realized she didn’t need saving. Her suffering had mad her strong and when she learned to use that strength to help others who were suffering she found success. It’s not the end of the journey, but she learned to stop reading the works of others and start writing her own.

She stopped running from her monsters and became a deliberate creator, within her own experience. She is still afraid. Every step she takes, she feels the limitations of her DNA, but she has decided to be the person who lives the vision. She’s not waiting for someone else to give her strength. She’s finding a way to process what most can’t understand, the deepest recesses of her own mind.

Again, whether you believe the guidance she receives comes from within her or from a nurturing source out side of her, they all move from a more expanded place of thinking. They are there to see what she may not and like parents, the are guiding her around limitations of her conscious mind and into a whole new perspective of being, one where she is the hero of not just her story, but the story of others as well.


Take a moment and connect with this possibility, this idea of having advanced resources at your fingertips, at receiving expert advice through simply closing your eyes. Allow time in your life to be a meditation and listen carefully. Once you’ve established the belief that answers are there, you can begin using them to guide you.

I suggest everyone carry a small notebook with them to pause occasionally throughout the day, just to see what might come. After some practice, sometimes a name or a sensation will come at unexpected times; times when we are no longer trying to make something happen, when we are distracted by life. Be prepared for those times and enjoy the opportunity to know supportive thought is always with you, whatever you do.

Whether we think of inspiration as the guidance of external beings or our own evolution doesn’t matter. What matters is that we evolve, into the best possible version of ourselves we can be. Introducing new stimuli to the conscious mind is vital to mental health, New information is useful for realizing we always have a choice. Once we recognize a pattern of thought as ‘no longer useful,’ the brain will easily release it. The key is in the recognition. Every thought we have is serving us in some way. However, it is also limiting us in others. If we lack the ability to introduce new ideas to challenge the old, we condemn ourselves to the life we’ve already lived.

More than just explaining communication between the conscious and subconscious mind, I would like you to experience. To begin, know what you think.

Imagine yourself lying down. It can be on the ground. It can be on the grass next to your favorite lake or on the couch or your favorite yoga mat. Imagine yourself lying in a place where you feel safe and comfortable. Now, return to the idea of being aware of your thoughts, but this time, go beyond the role of observer. Be still and see what you think. If there is a thought you don’t like; one you don’t want anymore, imagine it residing on the other side of a door you can close. Close the door on the thoughts you don’t want. Close it as many times as is necessary to let it go. It is not necessary to examine the source or evaluate why we think what we think. Many of our thoughts are habitual, so it is okay to just close the door on them. If they persist, we can consider a deeper evaluation.

Now, we can’t just abandon thought. The brain needs to think. What we want to do is introduce new thought. We want to access information and perspective that might not have been available to us in the past. This journey is about a whole new way of experiencing the world.

When you have tough questions or if you need a new perspective on some rule you have in your life. Allow yourself to be open,, and to invite the sensation of a guide, a trusted ally. I’m not saying you need to believe in ghosts. The brain processes information through identity and you need an identity outside of your current perspective of self. If you were to ask for guidance, who would you imagine being there to help you?

Sit in the sensation of having a supportive and the nurturing ally at the ready all the time. Is there a sensation you feel as the inspiration comes. Inspiration can reveal itself in many ways. Sometimes they are easy to define, like the feeling of sparkling soda or our hair standing on end. Sometimes they come like temperature change or a feeling of pressure. Sometimes they are a tickle or an involuntary spasm. Often times, they are something we’ve experienced before in our life, but never identified. The important thing to remember is that every experience of our body has purpose. Our body is always communicating with us.

For example; pain is a body signal. Pain is not intended as a teacher. It is a warning sign that something in our system is out balance. Sickness is a signal of the same. Pain and/or sickness, are not here to teach us, but to warn us. In fact, it has been my experience that these are often our most powerful warnings and the last attempt of the body to get our attention. I suffered for many years with migraines. It took a long time and a lot of Doctors for me to finally understand, migraines were saving my life. They were a warning from my heart that a malfunction was happening. They were there to keep me safe.

All sensations of the body are signals. Everything that happens in our body happens for a reason. The subconscious mind is always communicating with the conscious mind. Give it a voice. It may just be a new concept for us to use these signals as a means of communicating. I’ve used and honored my signals, to finally be free of both the heart medication I was using and the migraines. It’s all about respecting the message and doing what is necessary to restore the balance the body requires.

As you release thoughts, ask what might be available instead and don’t rush to what is familiar. Sit in the question, leave room for the subconscious mind to answer and let it do it in a voice that is not your own.

Over the next several chapters, our subject will show you what is possible when we are willing to open ourselves to the influence of the superconscious mind.

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