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30_Analysis Notes – 7/24/2020 – A new discussion

The Subject of Intuition

I cannot continue this thesis along the single line of caste structures when two distinct paths have emerged. I pondered putting my focus to one and returning to discuss the other, but I feel their paths might be as inseparably intertwined as DNA itself.

Our first focus, of course, is the transition of caste, particularly the ability to move from a lower caste survival consciousness to that of the higher caste. The occurrence of a caste shift as the subject faced a night of terror is undeniable. The ability to live through devasting conditions or to ‘tough things out’ is characteristic of the lower caste. They often endure tremendous suffering and are skilled at picking themselves up after a fall.

However, after close observation of the subject’s experience, you will notice that she does not develop the toughened exterior of bucking up to the challenge. While engulfed in her terror, her mental processes shift. She is no longer exhibiting any of the typically reactive behaviors of the fight-or-flight state. She transcends her fear instead and enters a state of heightened awareness and clarity.

She becomes the one who will not tolerate abuse. She is so immersed in the concept of her rights; she rejects anything that would deny them. This sense of self is not reminiscent of a lower caste system. It is mark-for-mark the mind of an upperclassman. It is a person who believes they have rights, rights that are not subject to anyone’s conditions but their own. She is a confident and capable person. She is assuming of her natural ability to succeed, against what one might consider, nearly overwhelming odds.

While it is likely not a permanent transition, it is a second showing of the confident woman who first emerged from her near-death experience. Glimpses of a being beyond the scope of her beginning are emerging.

In addition to this bud of new potential, the consideration of our second theory cannot be denied—not in the face of such undeniable insistence of its existence. At this point, I introduce the theory that the paranormal events experienced by our subject are evidentiary proof that human DNA exists in and is accessible by all humans.

Upon the first examination, this might seem a separate subject from the caste transition, but I believe it is the thing that makes it possible. As we continue forward, we will not only examine our subject’s growth. We will consider how she has come by that growth. From where, does her intuition originate.

We will return to the events of her near-death experience. We will examine the potential of Shaman’s expressing their gifts through channeled messages. We will ponder how and why and where these things exist, and we will consider how they can create such a dramatic change in those who experience them.

We will both ask, and we will answer these questions and possibly even open the door to personal transformation through them. Today, a more in-depth study begins.

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