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74_Analysis Notes – 9/8/2020

Giving Names to your Guardians

Whether we call it a Deity, the One Mind, or simple imagination, most of us have experienced inspiration. I’m not here to prove the validity of supernatural experience. I’m here to suggest an observable explanation for how or even why it occurs.

As the subject becomes comfortable with supportive situations, she begins to experience them and herself differently. She repeatedly defines herself as undergoing rebirths and adopting new perspectives of herself in each. It is significant to note here that one or more of the beings guiding her begin to stand out. As is organic with early human development, each guardian directly correlates to how she sees herself. What is easy to forget as we move forward is that all of this is coming from within her. Again, whether you believe it is supplied by an external source or not, we must admit that the vision, the story, the new narrative is an expression of her mind.

How do we have access to information beyond the scope of our reality? How did Tesla create the Tesla coil? What vision drove the possibility in his mind, or the minds of Einstein or Hawkings?

As we move forward, I want you to understand, inspiration is not a thing to be picked up and put down. It is available every day, all day, whenever we need it. However, it does demand certain brain functions to achieve. Are those brain functions available to only a select few, like Hawkings, Tesla, Noah, or Moses? We must first explore the function, and then we can ask the question. Is it possible that it is available to everyone?

To do that, we must first abandon the tendency to t think of epiphany as obscure and elusive. While the ability to be innovative is drastically reduced by primal triggers, it is always readily available when we are not triggered. Edison held over a thousand patents. Einstein put forth more than one theory, as did Hawkings. Some seem to simply possess innovative minds, but we must acknowledge the capability as available in everyone. The human brain’s behavior throughout the species is consistent. The neural connections and clusters may be unique, but the structure itself is, for the most part, uniform.

If we return to the brain’s basics functions, it is easy to clarify what is and what is not available for most of the population. It is essential to connect again with the subconscious mind’s function when attempting to answer this question. If we use the split-brain as an example, we will find a foundation for our consideration.

I would like to begin our next consideration with a disclaimer. I am torn by the desire to release this blog post for my loyal followers. However, I would need an additional week of research to validate the following hypotheses, so I have compromised. I will put forth the general theory to be later validated by further study. Please take the following text as a loose interpretation of early studies.

Of some simple facts, we are sure. Without medical alteration or congenital anomaly, the speech centers are located in the left hemisphere. There are conditions where speech centers exist in both hemispheres, but I want to talk about that in a moment. For now, I would like to address the ‘typical’ brain. The left brain is proven to be responsible for language.

It is also recognized for handling details. It brings everything into reasonable, understandable patterns, something we can comprehend.

On the other hand, the right brain can point to an object and understand words, but it can’t articulate them. It observes the whole picture, possibly excluding the details.

Because of this dynamic, it can seem that the left brain makes excuses or is dishonest in some of its answers. While what is actually happening is it doesn’t know how to answer. Also, it doesn’t know it doesn’t know, so it feels it is giving the best answer to any given situation.

Let’s return to the conversation suggested above, where speech developed on both sides of the brain. This generally occurs in the condition of a subject having a split brain.

In the case of savants with this condition, you might see something correlating to an eidetic memory. Where everything is remembered with factual details but misses out on the broad scope. For example, they may remember with exceptional accuracy, or read both sides of an open book at once. The details may be necessary to use language, limit the ability to think beyond it.

This is an interesting fact. Still, it is even more impressive for our study’s focus that individuals with a fully split brain can have completely different identities in each hemisphere. Their consciousness can result in two completely different humans.

So, what is happening in the brain when we reach for the thought that has not been conceived before?

If we correlate the conversation between the conscious and subconscious mind to the understanding of the left and right hemispheres of the brain, I think we have a concrete answer.

As with the experience of those with a split brain, I think it is highly likely we all experience this sense of duality in identity. We have the concrete, definitive version of who we believe we are, and for some, there is the out-of-the-box thinker the recognize as another version of themselves. However, this second, right-brain identity may be either not experienced or experienced as a higher power, deity, or one-mind concept.

The right brain is likely the place where evolved thought originates. It may be that what we consciously know is housed in the left brain, that it is what we can definitively understand from the expanse of what it possible. Innovative thinkers may just have harnessed the ability to articulate the expansive thought of the right brain. However, they are not using the same processes as someone with a split brain.

The expansive thought originates in the right brain, which is likely a subconscious processer of vast information. The left brain, or maybe even the conscious mind, must then find a way to articulate it. Unlike conditions of multiple personalities in a single conscious, like in DID cases, this seemingly separate identity exists as a higher authority or divine guidance.

Divinity, the one mind, or the evolution of consciousness may originate in either the subconscious mind or even the right brain, specifically.

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