I have never been more passionate about a moment than I am about this moment.

I suffered Complex PTSD and addiction most of my adult life. I felt alone and defensive. No one understood my pain, except for those who suffered the same. Every moment of my day was a battle for survival. I did not know joy. I did not know peace. I knew only the numbing reality of dependency.

Four years ago, I finally discovered a cure. I found the inner tranquility of a quiet soul. I found confidence and capability and I finally released the shame of my limitations. I want to share that opportunity with others.

  • 1 in 8 Americans suffers from addiction.
  • It cost our country $223 BILLION dollars last year.

If you know someone, if you’ve ever suffered, please help me reach my goal. Even the smallest amount goes a long way toward transforming someone’s life.

Thank you to everyone who is already responding. I’ll update the post as we make progress. Let’s change the face of recovery together.

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