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Session One Article – A Real Look at Relationships

In the Relationship Balancing course, we talk about how people “are not their chronological age.” We can tend to expect people will act a certain way because of their age when they are developmentally far from that age. The same is true of our relationships. We often believe our connections with others exist at a level other than where it should organically exist on our five-stage scale. We might hold pipe dreams or imagine what could be or on the other end of the scale, we might not be giving it enough credit.

Pulling ourselves from the cloud of possibility and into where we are now can be painful, but you can’t get traction in the clouds. With your feet firmly on the ground and your perspective of your relationships steeped in reality, you will finally be able to gain some momentum and begin to move toward the life of your dreams.

This week, we will look at our current relationships and don’t worry, I’m not going to ask you to address any relationship issues. This is just a practice of learning to observe the conditions of our lives in a way that gives us the ability to create something new.

Throughout the lesson, I’m going to suggest a daily contemplation practice. If you decide to move forward faster, I support you in that decision, but please be thorough. Rushing through the early stages of the process will not yield as beneficial a result.

In addition, I recommend keeping a journal or a notebook specifically dedicated to this practice. If you don’t already have a journal, we do have some available in our online store for a contribution of $20. You can click here to order one or you can usually find something at your local grocery store, but before you begin the process, I suggest you have something ready.

With all that said, we are now ready to begin.

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