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Build a Healthy Immune System – 1 of 2

A deeper study of the effects of Fight-or-Flight

wanted more time, so I’m adding a second part to this workshop.

Have you ever wondered why some recover from terminal conditions while others do not? What is miraculous healing? Join us as we explore the driving forces behind what makes the body heal and what we can do to accelerate them. This time we’ll delve into information on not just on shrinking the amygdala, but on taking it a step further, to improving the mind/body connection and growing our insula.

Now more than ever, we need to be healthy and strong and creative. Chemicals drive all the functions of the brain, including our immune system. You don’t need supplements or a body full of chemicals to be safe. Your body knows what to do, but it needs to be in the right state to do it. Learn how to boost your immune system quickly and non-invasively.

I know money is tight for many of you and I want to make this as affordable as possible. So, the cost to attend this workshop is reduced to $25 and I promise, the content will give you everything you need to be healthy and happy through the worst of conditions. If you are looking for a free option, please see our videos on strengthening your immune system and other Brain Hack topics under the video tab at /articles/

Have you ever wondered why some recover from chronic conditions, while others do not? It is why some are getting symptoms and others are not. The chemicals we produce in our brain drive all the experiences in our lives; our thoughts, our feelings, our overall health, and even our identity are byproducts of chemical production.

So, what really drives this chemical production? Join us this Saturday for an in-depth study of how neurotransmitters work and how you can use simple practices to control them. This workshop is not about supplements or buying a program. I’ll introduce easy to use practices which help us naturally control chemical production.

As we discover how to regulate the neurotransmitters, we organically help the body heal itself so we can feel better both now and in the long run. Will are healthy and innovative, so as conditions arise, not only are we strong enough to handle the, we are equipped with the ability to navigate them easily.

This event will be hosted on YouTube. A video key will be e-mailed no later than three hours before the event start date. It will also be posted in the event comments. If you have any questions, please message the organizer.

Don’t let the limiting experiences of life define you. Go to the root of the problem by becoming an active participant in your best health and well-being.

Join us this Saturday and live life healthy.