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I moved throughout my morning in the empty haze of my routine with the question pressed hard against my previously purposeful actions. I dressed and brushed my teeth, asking, "Why do I do it?" There was a point in my life when I woke thinking everything was so damn important. My shoulders were heavy with the things that mattered weighing heavy on the twenty-four hours in front of me.

Summer and its wisdom to know the difference.

We often think of winter as the month where we feel most starved, but I can't imagine a more difficult time than waiting for the harvest. As we enter winter, we have a bounty of food to sustain us. That's why we celebrate with gifts to welcome the winter season. The fall is when we build our stores, so summer is when we find our coffers empty. We must earn the sustenance we get this season. We must work for every morsel, and it must be enough to feed the hard work this season demands of us.

It was in front of me all along.

I've said, #AllLivesMatter," because I didn't understand. #BlackLivesMatter. They more than matter. They are valuable, beautiful, and they bless us with their existence. We should treat them like we know this. I also believe, #BlueLivesMatter because not all police offices are murderers. They are those who have committed themselves to make a difference. Picking a side is not the goal of any movement. These hashtagged statements come to the forefront of our lives to educate us. They are here to help us see an injustice so we can make life better for everyone, not fight for our opinion.

Relationship Balancing

Life is relationships. From the moment of our conception, until our very last breath, we are in relationships. Even those who bury themselves deep in wooded recesses experience relationships. We avoid it. We crave it. We define everything we are by it. So, when our relationships are out of balance, the experience of living can become very painful. 

Guided Core Shift Meditation

Sometimes it's difficult to figure out which way to go. During these times, it's always better to tap into new, innovative information than it is to rummage around in our brain trying to do the things we've tried a million times to finally get that different result.

The Pool Guided Releasing Meditation

This guided meditation has several opportunities to pause and reflect as it helps you gently release the hopes and fears of your past. As you do, it reveals an opportunity for a whole new you.

The Wall Meditation

This week, our focus has been on memories. Because of the way the brain stores information, memories can be a tremendous tool. They can also be a devastating limitation. This guided meditation tool is two-part. In this first part, we connect with our memories, not to examine or explore them, but to simply observe them. Next week, we'll move into an opportunity to do more than analysis ever could.

Did you know a single meditation can transform ANY SITUATION from pain to possibility?

There is a lot of pain in the world right now, but there is more possibility. Every day, we are faced with challenges, but when we develop the ability to transform challenges into possibilities, we can live life in a whole new way. Learn how to use mediation, not to just quiet the mind, but to transform it.

Did you know dreams are not prophetic, the information they hold is far more powerful

Traditional dream analysis is good for self-evaluation, but if you want to gain everything you can from your dreams, it's better to use them the way nature intended. In this video, I review the reasons we dream. I also review the best way to use our dreams to improve our lives. Discover the full potential of who you can be when you understand the nature of dreams.

Why is Meditation Hard?

Meditation is supposed to be hard but not in the way we think. It is easy to silence the mind and even expand the thinking when approached in the right way, but advanced meditation practices are meant to challenge our brains. It is only through challenging the brain that we improve the brain. In this video, I will be reviewing both how to make meditation easy and when it should be hard.

Did you know hate is a primal fear response?

In light of recent events, I have decided to postpone our conversation about the amygdala and talk about implicit emotion. In honor of the #blacklivesmatter movement, tonight I will talk about anger, hate, and prejudice. Education is power and understanding why hate occurs is the best way to eliminate it. All proceeds collected from this presentation should go directly to the #BlackLivesMatter movement.

What One Thing – Guided Meditation

One of the greatest opportunities in life is that things don't always go our way. How do we turn disappointments into our greatest advantage? What makes good of all things in our life? Inspiration. Join us for this 20-minute medication practice and turn life's lemons into the most amazing lemonade.

Did you know stress can be inherited but that doesn’t mean you’re stuck with it.

The neurons that form our thoughts are adopted from our ancestors. During our first nine years of life, we modify the pairing of those neurons to form base survival patterns, survival patterns that can become a cycle of relived behavior. In our rapidly evolving world, following the preset patterns of your parents actually impedes the safety it was designed to create. In this week's video, I talk about these patterns and how to overcome them.

Did you know Triggers are not Trauma

While trauma may be the source of fight-or-flight triggers in your brain, it is not the trauma itself that causes the trigger to activate. The brain is a machine and like any well-running machine, it has rules and the most fundamental of all its rules is the rule it has to keep you safe. It's there to prevent trauma, not relive it. So, why then, do we revisit places of suffering? Join me for the next 30 minutes and I'll tell you.

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