Success Stories

“I’m seeing the value in using the phase tools to consciously shift my brain chemistry rather than the old process routine which kept me going into my ‘stuff’ over and over again without any real transformation. This is a new experience of deconstructing and then re-creating myself from the inside out…. without an assumption of where I should end up!

Linda has developed a fascinating approach to personal growth. Rather than reliving the past, she teaches one to create a life in alignment with the heart. The process is fast and easy and while based in neurobiology, it requires only the use of will and imagination.

It feels like stepping out of the tar pit and into a high-speed rail of growth and transformation.”

– Andrew Walker D.C.

“I had been suffering from debilitating PTSD for most of my life. I couldn’t work a job or be around people in most ways. I had tried many different types of therapy and medication but nothing helped or even seemed to take the edge off. Therapy seemed to be making it worse because I felt disgusting and traumatized again after each session. My relationships were suffering and I felt like I had no answers and no idea what steps to take to help me feel better. But by a lucky coincidence, my best friend met Linda and Linda told her about the sanctuary. 

Desperate for anything to help, I went to one of her retreats. It was life changing! She opened my eyes to the possibility of no longer having to suffer or be afraid, a concept that I couldn’t grasp. A life free of PTSD! Nothing has helped me more than Linda and what she teaches. She intuitively worked with me and helped me realize that we don’t have to go through every memory, or “peel the onion” to be free of our past and what disables us and that we can actually cure ourselves of anything that causes us pain mentally or physically. 

Her genius understanding of the brain and mental illness has brought me such peace and understanding. It shocks me still to this day when I see what I have been able to achieve! There wasn’t a step she took me through that felt out of place or out of time. Everything was in perfect timing. It wasn’t even uncomfortable it was comforting to see myself gaining control over each moment of my life! 

I continue to see Linda weekly, but instead of the sessions being focused on curing myself, they are now focused on creating! Moving beyond surviving and actually thriving and being joyful through every part of life! This work I do with Linda is the most important thing in my life because it gave me a life. I have a happy and peaceful life now because of Linda and her faith in me to see that I am much more than PTSD. The skills she’s taught me to cure myself have helped me see beyond it, to see my own capability, to create and be the person I actually am. 

If you’re reading this, I know what it’s like to have unbearable suffering. I know what flashbacks and daily panic attacks feel like. There is a different life beyond suffering. There is freedom, peace, and relief! It’s simply deciding that you’ve had enough and are willing to do the work to have the life greater than you can imagine. 

Linda can help and it will be a joy to do the work and see your life and self improve.”

– Cami

“I really appreciate how much work Linda puts towards helping and healing others. I love that she is so transparent and kind and that she seems to see in nothing but unlimited potential. I have throughly enjoyed learning from her and look forward to more, knowing that whatever I am able to do to further the energy of what she does, I will do and be.”


“Linda is the most amazingly intuitive, talented person with skills to help assess and guide a person through emotional or physical issues they may be experiencing that are interfering with them being their “best self”!!!

With Linda’s vast knowledge, analytical skills and intuition regarding psychological, metaphysical and “brain chemistry” facts, through her IEP process, she’s able to help an individual find the most effective way to explain logical, scientifically based reasons for their behaviors or feelings! Her ability to demonstrate the application of “new” tools when one is feeling “no purpose”, anxiety, stress or counterproductive physical or mental patterns, supports a person through “self-discovery” to being their “Best Self”!!!

Linda helped me through the hardest time in my life!  She literally “saved my life”!!!

Five years ago my 35-year-old daughter, Hollie, passed away suddenly from a pulmonary embolism!  I found myself questioning my life, it’s value and “was the struggle to find purpose and happiness worth it any more?!”

Linda helped me to discover underlying messages of “not being good enough” were being reinforced to me every time I felt discounted!  In a very gentle but thorough way, Linda, guided me through her process letting me discover, apply and receive self-validation.  This process she allowed me to do “in my time”, “on my terms” and therefore,  I gave myself credit for the successes because “I was doing the hard work”!!!  I never felt rushed, only supported by her through the process!! This allowed me to find peace, joy and productive lives that support continual positive ways of functioning in this “imperfect, ever-changing” life.

I’ve spent the last four years practicing, tweaking and personalizing these IEP tools to embrace a more joyful, purposeful “best self” life!!  I’ve learned not to expect perfection, but take each moment and celebrate the successes and look at the “hiccups” as learning experiences.  I learn and apply the tools Linda has taught me, reassess and “re-learn” better, more healthy ways to “LIVE” my “life”, through her process.

I now have people in my life who are the same “joyful”, non-judgmental, unconditionally supportive, loving and imperfect friends I’ve been looking for my whole life!  I’m “FREE” and “LOVE MY LIFE”!!!!”


“It is an honor to write this review. Linda Forrest has helped me catch my breath. The program she offers supports you in living your best life possible. My PTSD triggers have lessened. I feel better. I feel inspiration. I have become a more effective healer through the process. She helps you remember your worth; elevating you to a state of clarity and safety. Her program takes you to that place that life is really all about.”

– Rae

“I have been attending Linda Forrest’s Meetups for over a year. She has dramatically changed my life for the better. I was first intrigued by the topic of Intuition vs Instinct, then Brain Chemistry lessons and how “triggers” that upset me are just chemicals that create my suffering. Then I learned about co-dependency and was surprised to find that I played a role in that scenario too.

I marvel that she has lived a life of suffering that triggered PTSD, Panic Attacks, Drug Addiction, Self Loathing and repeated destructive patterns. Now, to talk with her and observe her, it is not possible to find any trace of the negative influences from her past. Linda teaches us to alter the chemicals in our brains by doing simple “Practices” that don’t involve drugs. She has totally cured herself of all of her past negative reactions and flashbacks. The “How” is through changing her brain chemistry, not by thinking her way out of it, but by doing tasks she calls “Practices.”

I’ve never faced the destructive influences in life that Linda has, but found that I have lived in chronic low-level stress and mild self-loathing most of my life. No matter what the reason, Linda helps me to realize that no one needs to live in any form of suffering. No need to relive the past either, just do the “Practices” that change brain chemistry and life gets better and better.

With Linda’s guidance, she is helping me to discover my “True Self” and that by realizing my “True Essence” I am on my way to realizing my “Core Value” so that in any situation I feel capable and a vital contributing part of society.”

– Judy

“Linda Forrest is a remarkable human being! She counsels with compassion and great insight. She understands you better than you understand yourself. Her knowledge of life and the universe is remarkable, and she teaches this understanding with perfect clarity. You don’t want to miss anything she says in her classes. Her meditations are unique, I don’t really know how to describe them.”

~Rev. Eva Gabrielle

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