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3 of 9 – The Fight-or-Flight Trigger

Welcome to the third session of your introduction to brain functions. Great job on your commitment thus far. I hope new doors are opening as you gain a better understanding of the root cause of triggers. I look forward to now examining the effects of each trigger, and how to move beyond them.

What is fight-or-flight? There is a lot of conversation out there about the amygdala and the fight-or-flight mechanism of our brain, but what is it doing to our body? In this third session of the course, we discuss the absolutely devastating effects stress chemicals can have on our bodies. Understanding not only offers the experience of peace of mind. Once you know how it works, you can learn how to fix it.

To continue, please watch the lesson video. Below the lesson video, I have included Topics that contain subchapters

  • The Fight-or-Flight Trigger
  • The Resulting Consciousness of Fight-or-Flight Trigger
  • along with Chapter Two – What Happens When We Trigger? / The Physical Effects of Primal Fight-or-Flight 

from the book. Questions for Contemplation appear with each Topic / Chapter to use in your practice. If you choose to skip the Topic, please complete the Questions for Contemplation for all the topics. It lays a foundation for the next lesson.

I look forward to connecting with you along the way and wish you tremendous success on you journey.

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