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2 of 9 – Triggers

Welcome to Session Two – Triggers. Experiencing any state of suffering is a condition of unconscious chemical triggers in your brain. This session is designed to help you understand what drives those triggers, learn how to control them, and gain the most out of your physical, emotional, and mental well-being. So, you can create the success you inherently deserve in your life.

To begin, please watch the lesson video below. In addition to the video, I have included a Topic that contains Chapter One – The Threat Response in Primates from the book. The Questions for Contemplation this week will delve deeper into Triggers. and help you deepen your daily practices.

Again, the Topic is not necessary to complete the course. If you choose to skip the Topics, please complete the Questions for Contemplation, at least. They are critical to a successful practice and progressing to the next level of the program.

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