The Relief of Suffering – Introduction to Brain Chemistry

Altering Consciousness through Understanding Consciousness

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When I began willfully manipulating my brain function in 2014, I was in a state of suffering around ninety percent of the time. I experienced relief from that suffering around ten, and I could not even imagine what it meant to live a life free of suffering. Over the last four years, I have achieved a nearly constant thriving state. Within the next few years, I expect I will develop the ability never to trigger the fight-or-flight response in my brain again.

I do not share this information to boast. I want you to know what is possible in the practice of improving brain function if you truly commit yourself to it. This course is the first in a series of lessons created to explain how to activate and eventually control certain brain functions by observing the effect those brain functions have on consciousness.

When it comes to being more conscious in our lives and less driven by the unconscious mechanisms of the brain, we must go to the source. We must increase our brain function beyond the mostly unconscious level of mere primates and into the high function capabilities inherent to all humans. An option for that path begins here.

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